Monday, January 23, 2017

Checking In.

My eye has been twitching since I turned a page on the new year.  It ALWAYS twitches for a reason.  I can't figure this one out though!  Once I do, it stops almost immediately.

It does come and go.  It will stop when I am engaged in something that also produces adrenaline, so the good news is, that I have been able to manage it in that way quite a bit.

I have put full force and full energy into my Kristy Glass Knits youtube channel. It is bringing me so much joy.  Each morning when I walk my outdoor walk, I think about it!  I love when ideas just hit me and I have to get them out of my head into whatever form the idea is meant to take.

I feel sad that I am still not getting calls from my agent, but I also feel very empowered that I am creating something 100% on my own.  It feels so rewarding to be my own boss.

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