Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Life Lesson

It's been a year! Upon reflection, my favorite lesson:

I’m Right. She’s Wrong. 
She’s Wrong. I’m Right.
Sound Familiar?

And so the most powerful move, is to first humble yourself.
And then, just, apologize.
But it must be without ANY expectation.
Because if you are both certain the other is wrong, the only way to make progress is for one of you to apologize.

And so let’s talk about Truth. Yours. Hers.
Maybe you are still right and she is still wrong-that’s true.  And maybe she thinks SHE is right and YOU are wrong….that’s ALSO true! 
The difference is that YOU are willing to know that is true and also apologize for THEIR truth.

And it takes time
So very much time

But when it happens, and your EXACT expectations are met-NOTHING offered in return, it doesn’t matter….because

You are finally free.

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